Sunday, April 14, 2013

Studying Abroad: Fall 2012 & Next Year, by Xiaoqi Wu

UWL provides opportunities for students to study abroad this fall: Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Middle East. Students can choose study oversea for an academic year, a semester or short term.

The minimum standard GPA for applicants is 2.75, and they don’t have to know or speak a foreign language. Financial aid can be applied for every student.

Students can choose from exchange programs, direct study abroad program and provider programs. In exchange program, UWL has a direct agreement with a specific university abroad. Most fees from exchange partners are based off of UWL tuition and fees, such as Guangxi Normal University (China) and University of Nancy (France). However, the number of the exchange students must be the same at both universities. Most exchange programs are for either a semester or academic year.

Direct study abroad program is similar to exchange program, but the partnership is not dependent on the number of exchange student. The fees of direct study abroad program are based off partner university’s study abroad rates, for instance, American University-Cairo (Egypt). Students are able to study abroad for a summer, semester, or academic year.

Provider programs are independent organizations or other universities in which UWL is affiliated with. The costs of these programs are based on fees agreed upon by the Provider Program and the host university abroad. Generally, the cost will be higher than exchange program and direct study abroad program.

Exchange programs students can wear sashes to represent the country where they studied in commencement. The fees for the sashes are included in program fees. Direct study program and provider program students must order and pay sashes by themselves.

Before the semester of studying abroad, every applicant must take INS 250 course for half semester. This course is for a semester or a whole academic year. Students can get one credit from this class. They can learn about how to get over culture shock and be well prepared for new life.

The Summer and Fall 2013 application preferred deadline is on March 1st 2013 and the official closing date is on March 15th, 2013.

Office of International Education offers study abroad peer mentor for counseling. 11 peer mentors can give their personal oversea studying experience and advice to everyone who interested from Monday to Friday. The location of mentoring is in 1209 Centennial Hall, 1725 State Street.

Please check for specific program information and costs. For more questions please e-mail or make appointment with Jason Kouba, the Assistant Director for study abroad of OIE