Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Purpose

The Mercury is conceived as a publication outlet for informative writing from students in News Reporting & Editing and perhaps other courses.  Time this Fall permitting,  the class may ask for submissions from anyone with ambition to be an "independent journalist" ("blogger," more prosaically) - but we have gotten a late start this semester.  Look forward to something more ambitious by Spring.
"Mercury" is a traditional name for newspapers, as he was a messenger of Olympian gods; coming from the "ether"net, the name seems even more appropriate today.  Moreover, Mercury is imaged by his wings (athletics), is the name of a planet and a metal (astronomy & science), and its etymology actually defines Mecury as "god of traffic, merchandise" (business); hence he represents the aspects UWL has traditionally been known for.
The Mercury will seek to maintain a focus on stories affecting  students, especially UWL,  and the LaCrosse area.