Sunday, April 14, 2013

Crime in LaCrosse: Higher than State Average, by Annalise Falck-Pedersen

The city of La Crosse has both higher property and violent crime rates since last reported in 2010. La Crosse has a higher crime rate than the majority of Wisconsin.
Starting in 2008, La Crosse’s violent crime rates surpassed Wisconsin’s  average violent crime rate index. Assault in 2010 in La Crosse was double the Wisconsin average and 75% higher than the national average. All violent crime in La Crosse was 10% higher in 2010 than Wisconsin’s average.  The national average was 25% higher than La Crosse.
In 2012, there is a 9% increase in all crime in La Crosse. Violent crime is increasing  27% since 2010. In property crime, there is an increase in arson, burglary, and larceny and theft. In violent crime, there is an increase in forcible rape, aggravated assault, and murder and manslaughter.
La Crosse is one of 31 cities in Wisconsin with a population over 25,000. La Crosse ranked eleventh most dangerous city in Wisconsin, with a crime incident total of 3,705. These rates are higher than both Green Bay and Oshkosh. La Crosse was behind Appleton, Greenfield, Madison, Janesville, Wauwatosa, Beloit, Racine, West Allis, Milwaukee, and Superior topping out as number one.
The top ten safest cities, regardless to population in Wisconsin are Butternut, New Auburn, Weyerhaeuser, Mason, Hartland, Durand, Vesper, Odanah, Ridgeland, with Big Falls being the safest.