Sunday, April 14, 2013

Donate Sperm for Spare Cash? by Hannah Kepros

College students often make money from donating plasma, but what about donating sperm?

Donation of sperm is less invasive then giving plasma, but the process of sperm donation may be more complicated an event - even more than a college male may think. 

Living a college lifestyle often means that funds are short.  Students can go to great lengths to pay for the next meal.  But is going to a sperm bank too far?

Location-wise, no—University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is only blocks away from Cryobank, a sperm donation center. 

Cryobank recruits all males ages 18-40.  Donors are paid between $40 and $55 per visit.

Although an easy way to earn money anonymously, it is a time commitment.  All donors must commit at least nine months of time to donation, as well as a minimum of six sperm collections a month.  Also, there are two initial appointments that go unpaid.

Sperm donation raises potential red flags.  Males should be aware that all donors must fill out paperwork and get tested prior to paid donation.  All appointments require two to five days of sexual abstinence prior to the visit.

Monetary bonuses are given to donors willing to donate non-anonymously.  To do this, a photo and medical history would be given out to potential recipients.

“I do not think I could ever donate sperm,” said Nick Wuensch, UW-L junior. “I think it would be way to weird thinking about if it was used or not.  You could have kids running all over the place and not even know.  I do not think it is worth the money.”