Sunday, April 14, 2013

Club Sports Renamed, by Hannah Kepros

This year the students involved in the Club Sports' association were notified by the university that the group name is to be changed to Sports Clubs.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has numerous student-run groups, but the largest on campus is the Club Sports Organization.  It has over 400 student members within the 18 activity and competitive clubs.

The freshly renamed Sports Clubs will no longer be able to use the UW-L varsity logo on any newly made uniforms or apparel, but if the logo is already expressed upon team gear, there is no need for change at this time.  The new logo is the Rec. Sports logo, rather than the varsity athletic logo.

 “I think it’s a little demeaning that we cannot use the eagle logo on our apparel anymore.  I understand we are not a varsity team, but we have no varsity team to compete with.  The Women’s Hockey Club is the only hockey team at this university, so I feel like we are no longer representing our school in the same way,” said Tori Bystedt, sophomore and member of the UW-L Women’s Club Hockey Team.

“The change from club sports to sport’s club makes us seem like we are less like a competitive team and more like a club that meets for just fun.  We put a lot of hard work in, and it seems like the small change in name takes that away kind of,” said Adam Vance, junior and member of the UW-L La Crosse Club Team.

Like varsity sports, sports clubs are able to compete against other universities in a competitive nature, but unlike the varsity sports on campus, they are not completely university funded.

Sports clubs do get some funding from UW-L but this only takes place after the club has withstood two full years of self-funding.  Most of the money comes from fundraising done throughout the season.

Although some members feel as if the grammatical change and disuse of the UW-L logo is belittling, UW-L has no intent of doing so.

“The National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association, which is the governing body we work under classifies clubs as Sport Clubs instead of Club Sports, said Ryan Rudesill, The Interim Coordinator of Intramurals and Sport Clubs at UW-L.  “The main reason we changed was to stay consistent with them, and other universities in the area”.

Changes have been made within sports clubs, but will remain a large part of UW-L’s student work. Last year alone, the clubs hosted 38 competitions and competed in 203 contests.  Between the members of the 18 clubs, they completed over 815 hours of community service.