Friday, February 7, 2014

To Withdraw (Today) or Not, Lara Spilmon

Here are a few deadlines, or dates, to keep in mind if considering withdrawing from a classes, especially because of money.

The first date to withdraw from school with a 100% tuition adjustment is today, February 7. If you aren’t sure if the choice to withdraw is the right one, then you can head in to the Office of Student Life, room 146, in Graff. It offers counseling to help aid you in this decision. Then keep February 21 in the back of your mind. You won’t be able to get a full refund , but you will be able to get a 50% tuition adjustment.

Even if you decide to withdraw at a later time you’ll still be able to, you just won’t get your money back. The last day to drop a class or withdraw with a “W” on your transcripts is March 28. Between March 31 and April 18 you can still withdraw but keep in mind that you’ll either receive a “WP” or a “WF” on your transcripts unless you do a medical withdrawal. A “WP” indicates Withdrawal Pass while “WF” indicates withdrawal fail. The last of the withdrawal dates are between April 18 and May 9, but only Medical Withdrawals are considered at that point in time.

A medical withdrawal will require some sort of note from either a doctor or someone in the counseling center. You’ll also need to get signatures from one of the deans, the cashier’s office, the campus police (upon turning in a parking permit), textbook rental (if you have any books checked out), etc.