Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Campus student organizations and outsiders vie for students’ attention, by Samantha Loomis

There are certain procedures organizations must go through to advertise on campus, not exactly to protest but rather to state an opinion or get a point across.

For example, there is sidewalk writing, hanging signs on university buildings and setting up booths near the clock tower.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus has about 10,000 students with about 200 student organizations. Student groups advocate their beliefs and opinions as well as their recruitment opportunities throughout the year.

Frequently, UW-L is host to protestors from every demographic. Commonly, protestors will appear with megaphones and large posters to get student and passerby’s attention. Some will even hand-out informational brochures or attempt to lure in sidewalk travelers with booths and stands. These protestors are under Chancellor Joe Gow’s jurisdiction; he may make a final decision regarding the educational relevance of the protestors and permission to remain on campus.

There are registered bulletin boards scattered throughout campus for any group, class or organization to post a flyer to inform students of events and happenings as long as the postings do not violate any guidelines and are approved by building directors. Registration is required and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis for booths and stands outside.

Nothing may be put into Residence hall mailboxes without approval, and signs and posters being hung in the halls need Residence Life or hall director approval as well.

There is digital signage available as well. There are flat-screen monitors in several buildings on campus including Whitney dining hall, Murphy Library and Centennial hall, among others. In 2013, over 20 monitors were added besides those already existing in Centennial hall. Submission forms to post on these signs can be found at

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