Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Garbage Cans Obstructing Parking Spaces, by Danielle Cook

The presence of the city of La Crosse’s new 95-gallon garbage receptacles from Harter’s Quick Clean Up is causing problems for local residents around the UW-La Crosse campus. Alternate side parking is in effect for the entire city until April 1, resulting in restricted parking options near homes and close to the university.

The incipient garbage collecting system uses large, green plastic garbage containers with wheels, placed on the side of the road. However, the cans are no longer picked up manually. A truck passes by and uses an arm apparatus to lift the can over the truck and dump the waste inside. La Crosse began implementing the automated system on February 3.

The new system seems to be working smoothly, besides the issues residents are facing with where to place the receptacles. Cars are taking up spaces intended to put garbage out, and vice versa. Students and residents alike are frustrated with lack of space on the streets, since there has to be enough spacing for the garbage trucks to pull up alongside the cans and lift them, and further space between the cans to be lifted separately.  The cans must have two to three feet of clearance on either side.

Anne Galbraith, an associate professor of Biology at UW-La Crosse, lives near campus and has experienced problems with the new garbage system.

Because we acquired these [receptacles] in the winter, and residents were not prepared to have a spot cleared of snow for setting them out, most garbage pick-up days will find these trash bins in the streets taking up coveted parking spots,” explained Galbraith. “Hopefully things will be better next winter when residents have had a chance to figure out better places to put them.”

Residents with questions about the new system can visit or contact Refuse and Recycling at 608-789-7508.