Monday, February 24, 2014

Campus Area Traffic More Dangerous, by Shelby Jacobson

La Crosse is an urban community with busy commutes, so traffic areas near UWL have become more dangerous.

UWL Police Chief Scott Rohde says high traffic areas in LaCrosse circle the campus. Since Main Street recently reopened in 2013, even more traffic travels through campus.  In 2012, a UWL student walking across LaCrosse Street was fatally injured  by a car.

One area of high traffic incidents includes the intersection of HWY 16 and La Crosse Street east of campus. 

The intersection of West Avenue and La Crosse Street has been labeled a high incident accident area for pedestrians. West Avenue going south to Gundersen Lutheran Hospital is also considered a high risk area.
More drivers are running red lights, says Rohde.

Awareness of campus policies and high risk accident spots is important.  For more information regarding dangerous roads look up pin maps on WI DOT, Bureau Transportation Safety.