Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alcohol Amnesty, with or without Law, by Shelby Jacobson

Almost all UW campuses unofficially support amnesty for underage drinking emergency situations.

UW-L Police Chief Scott Rohde explains alcohol citation is a forfeiture, not a felony like heroin or meth.

Amnesty goes all the way up through the dean and does not usually result in school discipline consequences.

UW-L campus encourages students to ask for help even if they have been drinking underage. Says  Rohde, “Anyone who is victim of sexual assault will not be cited; that’s been our practice for 15 years.”

The state legislature is still considering a bill for immunity from prosecution for people to seek help for themselves or another.

To contact campus police call: 608-789-9000 (non-emergency) or 608-789-9999 (emergency).