Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wisconsin Insurance-Buyers Less Affected by ACA, by Melissa Koch

Majority of health insurance plans in Wisconsin will not be cancelled because of the health care reform.

A report from Families USA co-released in Wisconsin by Citizen Action of Wisconsin stated that few people in the state who buy health insurance on their own keep their policies for more than a year.  Most people qualify for more affordable plans with the new changes than what they have now.

“It is clear that most who buy insurance on their own will have more stable and affordable insurance options because of the Affordable Care Act, and that a small fraction risk the cancellations of policies that would have cost them less,” stated Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Further results of the study show
     6.5% of Wisconsinites under the age of 65 buy health insurance on the individual market.
     73% of Wisconsinites who purchase health insurance on the individual market are eligible for tax subsidies to make them more affordable under the Affordable Care Act.
     0.6% of Wisconsinites under 65 are at risk of paying more next year, because their current policy is being cancelled under the new policy.

Other states are dealing with well-publicized cancellations to health insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act. The website for Affordable Care Act has been dealing with problems since its launch. There was a deadline to fix the website by November 30, and administration spokesman stated yesterday that it is now operating up to target.