Monday, December 16, 2013

Students Targeted by "Voter ID" Laws, by Mikaela Kornowski

Voter fraud in Wisconsin is virtually non existent, yet the public doesn’t object to the establishment of laws to ensure against it. Professor Joe Heim, the legislative liaison at UW-L, says “It’s a solution waiting for a problem.”

People without proper identification often are the young, old, minority, and low income. For this reason, students are a target for this legislation. Heim explains that some lawmakers believe young people don’t have the capacity to make an informed decision when voting.

The majority of the public has no problem with the voter ID law. Heim explains that most people reason that ID’s are necessary for driving and cashing checks, so why not for voting as well?

Heim believes that voting, unlike cashing checks or driving a car, is a right, not a privilege.

In Wisconsin, 30% of people have no ID or an ID that is invalid. Drivers licenses that do not have a photo on them are considered invalid.

Heim states, “We should encourage voting without asking about their [voters] motives, that’s my opinion.”

The voter ID legislation was passed by Republicans after Democrats unanimously voted against the bill.