Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No "Vampire Electricity" Bleeding Your Apartment, by Crystal Oravis

             Given that the vampire electricity idea is in fact, a myth, students can save money in other places, mostly time-proven, common sense advice.

Vampire electricity is the belief that cords left plugged into outlets, even when not connected to a device or being used at all, are still sucking electricity and raising electric bills. Students don’t need to purchase expensive power strips advertised to protect against the sucking of electricity.

Myth-busters, a television show dedicated to solving life’s myths, looked into this. Using Kill-A-Watts (a device placed between an outlet and a plug to measure the wattage being used), the Myth busters measured the wattage on a wireless phone charger, and a MacBook Pro power adapter. With the devices not plugged into the chargers, the vampire electricity myth proved to be false.

            With heating apartments and houses, there are proven ways to keep electricity bills as low as possible. Covering all bare floors with carpeting or rugs adds to heat retention, especially if little to no floor insulation.  
Lowering temperature on heating devices when leaving the house is another way to lower the use of electricity.

            Always leave an open space for heating to work and move throughout the house; do not cover air vents with drapes or shades so that the air is able to not work as hard to heat the entire space. Opening blinds during the day can help to heat spaces using sun’s natural heat.