Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Homeless Hounds" Have Christmas Wish, by Shelby Jacobson

The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and the La Crosse Tribune are teaming up to grant three wishes this holiday season.

The FSPA asked the La Crosse tribune to find worthy organizations, people, and programs that deserve a little extra help. 

There are twelve candidates featured in the La Crosse Tribune.  These stories will appear under “Three Wishes” the first twelve days of December on the La Crosse Tribune website.

From this list, one candidate voters will be able to choose Homeless Hounds run by Jennifer Lengel, owner of Puppy Palace. Puppy Palace is a doggie daycare and boarding house. Homeless Hounds program was made so homeless families would not have to surrender their animals. Lengel says, “When you lose your home, you lose your kids; your animals are like your kids.”

Lengel’s new program has become nationwide. Just last week, Lengel’s program was featured in USA Today.  

Homeless Hounds is 100 percent dependent on public assistance. Donations help support vaccinations, spay and neutering, feeding, and making the dogs as comfortable as possible during their stay.

Families housing their dogs at Homeless Hounds are required to report to Lengel weekly on their situation looking for a job and home.

Homeless Hounds is currently seeking donations to fund a new facility. According to Lengel, Puppy Palace is able to take in thirty dogs at a time.

There are fewer spots available for daycare or boarding dogs because of the growing number of homeless dogs coming to Puppy Palace. Homeless Hounds houses eight to ten homeless dogs at any given time. This limits the amount of money Puppy Palace takes in.

Homeless Hounds program is in dire need of dog beds, collars, leashes, towels, and blankets. A variety of dog food is also essential. Due to a large quantity of senior dogs, quality senior food is greatly appreciated.

Volunteer opportunities are also greatly appreciated. To view volunteer options and donations needs visit, Puppy Palace La Crosse on Facebook or stop in at Puppy Palace at 3821 Mormon Coulee Road La Crosse, WI.

Votes will be taken on the La Crosse Tribune website December 13 through December 16, 2013.