Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Laptop: The Environmentally Unfriendly Computer, by Shelby Jacobson

Many students bring their laptops on campus. In doing so the energy level being used skyrockets. According to Gargi Chaudhuri, a UWL Conservation of Global Environments professor, the changes that people need to make are more behavioral than anything else. She claims she has not yet seen an energy efficient laptop.

A few ways students can help reduce the amount of laptop energy use are

         Shut down the laptop between uses
 -         Use campus desktops
         Limit time spent in front of the laptop (limit video games/movie time) describes the approximately twenty different metals going into laptop production, including mercury. Also shown is the amount of water used in laptop production.

Laptops are not something people can live without. Laptop moderation will provide relief in energy levels.

When fans dwindle, Prof. Gary Konas explains his laptop reaches up to 180 degrees!

Chaudhuri believes the future will have more need for tablets because they are more energy efficient and portable than laptops.

Check out to see how each laptop affects the earth.