Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gas Prices Are Holiday Gift, by Melissa Koch

People traveling by car for Thanksgiving will be filling up with gas at its lowest price across the nation in 2 years.  The national average for regular gas is $3.268 per gallon while Wisconsin’s average is $3.150 per gallon.

Dan Ketelsleger is traveling over 400 miles from Chicago, Illinois, to Apple Valley, MN, to see his parents this Thanksgiving.  He says, “it’s been a while since they’ve (gas prices) been this low.” In past years, Ketelsleger has found it cheaper to fly, but this year he will be driving.  He said the change in gas prices “makes it easier to make the decision to drive 400 miles than deal with the stress of flying.  It's nice to be on your own schedule.”

Anybody traveling this Thanksgiving can figure out the cheapest stations on the route to fill up on gas, by visiting AAA Fuel Price Finder at  This website shows the most affordable gas prices in any given city or state.

There are many factors being credited to the low prices of gas, including people buying more energy efficient cars, a quiet season for natural disasters, and easing tensions between the US and Iran. Gas prices typically drop around the holiday season and bottom out in December.