Friday, April 11, 2014

Time to Move Off Campus? by Carly Vail

Students at UW-L, as well as students all over the United States, usually end up moving off campus sometime in their college career. Some say it’s the specific freedom, others say the privacy, or the total experience of living on their own.
Once students move off campus, they are learning how to cook their own meals, while keeping up with homework and possibly working a job.
Sophomore Amanda Alden said her reasoning for moving off campus wasn’t based on  economics.  She said, “I wanted to be able to have more freedom and not have to worry about 24/7 supervision from a RA.”
Living on one’s own is something that everyone will eventually do. Some students think, “Why not jump start the process and start now?” It creates a more responsible person. Living off campus means students have to learn to cook, clean, and pay bills on their own.
Alysia Feldt said she decided to move off campus not only for the freedom, but also for the privacy. She enjoyed the dorm life and loved her roommate in Laux Hall, but she says it’s easier to get stuff done at home now that she has her own room.
The off-campus living experience could be finally learning how to work the vacuum cleaner, or not having specific hours where everyone must be quiet, or even just being able to have your own bedroom. Students seem to enjoy their own personal space, but also enjoy being social. Living off-campus gives many students this exact opportunity.