Monday, April 28, 2014

Time in College Still Increasing, by Sam Giunta

            College students are spending more time in college and feeling pressure to attain greater degrees just to get a job.
            College students feel that they need to go to school longer to get the job they wish upon graduating, regardless of employers’ evaluation of applications for a job opening,  A University of Wisconsin-La Crosse sophomore says, “my psych[ology] major isn’t going to get me anywhere if I don’t go to graduate school, but that’s an extra three years!” 
            Students say they will need to go to school for an extra semester or even two semesters to finish off their bachelor’s degree.  “Super seniors” complain not only about the extra time they must spend in school and the money they are not making, but the money they must spend in order to get them a job upon graduation. 

“It feels like my resume defines me as an employee instead of my interview and the characteristics I would display in it,” says a University of Wisconsin-Madison senior as she struggles to look for a job by May.