Monday, January 27, 2014

Minimum Pay Raise Possible? by Ellen Barrett

Some Wisconsin legislators are promoting raising the minimum wage. This would mean more money in student’s pockets for part time jobs and an overall increase in spending throughout communities.
Whitney Puent, UW-La Crosse junior, agrees that, “$7.25 is not enough. Look at those who do not have financial support from their parents. Some of my friends live off food stamps. If I didn’t have outside help, I wouldn’t be able to survive. Combine electricity, food, and other utilities, and there’s no money left over before I can even pay my rent. I’m a full time student who works over 20 hours a week. It’s ridiculous.”
Senator Nikiya Harris writes in a press release, “In 2012, over 190,000 workers in the city of Milwaukee worked ‘poverty-wage jobs.’” Many of these workers she describes were 20 year olds. This covers a large demographic of college-aged students. Harris and some colleagues believe that the minimum wage today of $7.25 is no longer enough to cover basic living expenses.