Sunday, January 26, 2014

Holiday Return Basics, by Crystal Oravis

Many stores have more lenient return policies during the holiday season than during the rest of the year. It is still the responsibility of the consumer to understand each store’s specific rules before buying a gift.
           Each business is responsible for setting its own return guidelines. Wisconsin law regulates whether the return guidelines are represented accurately. If the store’s policy is not posted, ask a salesperson or manager about the policy before making a purchase .Leave on price tags and UPC codes while wrapping gifts, as well as the original packaging for an easier return experience.
There are many tips to help make the holiday season of returns easier. Know the different store policies before making a purchase. Keep the receipts from purchases, or get gift receipts intended for gift recipients.
Pay attention to the time frame allowed by each store or retailer for returns, including when the countdown for the last day of returns begins (starting with the date of the original purchase or date given as a gift).
Many stores charge a restocking fee for electronic items, and the fee may increase if the package is opened.