Thursday, January 30, 2014

Make Your Own Natural Cleaners, by Shelby Jacobson

Natural cleaners can be inexpensive and easy to make.

Justin McKnight, a graduate in geography, says some organic cleaners can be cost prohibitive, so “Making your own at home is extremely cheap.” By law, organic cleaners must be 95%-100% organic to be certified while natural cleaners can include pesticides and herbicides.

A few simple solutions are available at home. For an all-purpose cleaner, use vinegar, water, essential oils, laundry detergent from Doctor Bronner’s bar soap, and Borax. To make floor cleaners use vinegar, water, and floor cleaner from Doctor Bronner’s. To whiten surfaces simply use vinegar and baking soda.

The above ingredients can be found at almost any grocery or department store. Some include Woodman’s, the Food Co-op, Festival, and Target.

McKnight says these simple solutions are better to have around children. Children do not breathe in harsh chemicals when natural cleaners are used.

As a geography major McKnight studied the effects of large scale agriculture on the streams and rivers from his hometown. His studies have made him more aware of the environment and his surroundings. This led to his change in cleaners as well as his diet for both him and his family.

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