Monday, September 9, 2013

Literacy Volunteers Needed in LaCrosse

Three groups in LaCrosse are aiding the Wisconsin Literacy campaign, by asking for and training volunteer tutors to work with adults. The "1200 Tutors in 12 Weeks" campaign is underway, beginning Sunday, Sept. 8, Interational Literacy Day, running to Dec. 1.

In LaCrosse, the Clara Fields Multicultural Literacy Program, the Hope Academy, a program of the Family & Children's Center, and the Coulee Region Literary Council are participating. In all, there are 65 agencies assisting Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. The 1200 new tutors goal includes reading and math instruction.

According to the 2010 Census, 384,463 adults over 25 in Wisconsin had not completed high school, and another 173,568 report speaking English less than "very well."

Less than 10% qualifying for literary services actually receive them, according to Wisconsin Literacy. Most tutors volunteer just one-to-three hours per week.

Contact information for LaCrosse groups, and a full list of agencies participating, is available at