Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dorm Crowding Also Means Dorm Discount, by Shelby Jacobson

 This increase in freshmen and transfer students this 2013-2014 academic year is being accommodated by Resident Life though several techniques used in the past. Residential students are being housed on campus in study lounge conversions and so-called three person doubles.
UW La Crosse’s website,, states that two person dorms cost $2,250 per semester, with a $25 fee for Coate, Laux, and White first year halls, or double the cost per year. Students who choose to be a part of a three person double or a study lounge are being given “an approximate $300 discount per semester,” says Paula Knudson, vice chancellor.

 In the past, Resident Life also has made arrangements with landlords near campus for student housing despite the financial loss this causes UWL. According  Knudson, there has been a surplus in students for the past thirty years.
Knudson explained the dormitories are meant to accommodate 3,266 students. The last application count completed on August 19 estimated to have 3,544 students. The 278 additional students are housed either through three person doubles or in four to five person study lounges. Presently there are 114 three person doubles.

When dorms open up the price for students switching from a study lounge or three person double is pro-rated.  By example, at the quarter of the semester students who switch would be discounted $150 rather than the approximate $300.
Knudson has a five or six year plan to create additional housing for UW La Crosse Students. This plan is looking to budget a new residence hall of 300 rooms across from Whitney Center.