Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Illness & Health Center Info, for Those Who've Never Used it, by Crystal Oravis

            Back to campus means back to the cold and flu aisle for many students. There has already been a large amount of illness at UW-L.

Students should take as many precautions as possible to avoid becoming part of this statistic. Cliché things such as washing hands constantly, covering mouths when coughing or sneezing, and even trying to take in as much vitamin C as possible will greatly reduce the risk of getting sick.

All students on campus should know that the health center on campus is a very valuable resource. The student health center is free to enrolled students and can prescribe a number of medications such as cough medication, sinus decongestant, Mucinex, and much more. All of these medications are at a low cost and can be added directly to student bills. The health center is open Monday through Friday by appointment, with the urgent care office open Monday through Friday as well. The health center is closed for weekends and holidays.

The health center offers urgent care services such as acute care, allergy injections, minor injuries, and radiological services. Appointments are required for routine things such as counseling, consultaion and referral, gyneocogical and reproductive services, HIV and STD testing, immunization services, laboratory services, medication dispensary, medical evaluation and treatment, minor surgical procedures, nutrition, physical therapy, and primary care.

Many students are unaware that many services are free to them. Other than additional medications, and procedures such as X-rays, all visits are considered included in the student fees.  This center makes routine and minor required visits very easy to accomplish while working around busy school and work schedules as well as being in a very convenient location right across from the Whitney center. More information, as well as specific office hours, can be found on the university website.