Monday, March 31, 2014

Off Campus Food Costs Rising, by Bryan Hall

A 50 meal block plan for the UW-L campus currently is listed at $345, a cost of $6.90 per meal. It’s a popular option for students after their freshman but only provides just over three meals a week for the 15 week semester.

Sophomores and upperclassmen getting used to life outside of the dorms struggle to find a balance between affordable and healthy dining, especially those used to the standard 14 and 19 meal a week plans for those living in the dorms.

Students looking to avoid eating out have two options: increase their block plan at $50.50 per ten meal additions, or prepare their own meals at home. Both options can be difficult to afford for those working on tight budgets and busy schedules.

Many off campus students will choose to eat out when not on campus, but the options for healthy eating in walking distance are limited. The convenience and price of Taco Bell, or the $5 “Hot and Ready” pizzas from Little Caesars are popular options, though Subway does get a respectable amount of traffic.