Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Is your college degree worth it?, by StellaNathan

College students are finding degrees, more expensive each year, won’t get them their desired careers, at least not straight out of college. 40 percent of recent 2013 college graduates are unemployed, and 16 percent are working part time positions, according to a nydailynews.com study.

Half of college graduates are underemployed or jobless, says USA today.  One reason for unemployment among recent college graduates is because certain majors don’t have as many job opportunities as others. Unemployment rates are generally higher in non-technical majors. Future employers are finding that college graduates do not have the skills and training that is needed for the current positions, and people are getting jobs or careers not specific to their major, says Forbes.

Over time, a person with a college degree will earn more money than someone with a high school degree. They will also get selected for more job opportunities and have a chance to further their education with grad school and obtaining master’s and bachelor’s degree.  Those with more education and skill would also be the last to get laid off because not everyone would have their credentials.

Moving to a bigger city can make it easier to find a job, as well as getting more training and education after college.