Monday, October 7, 2013

Next Fest, Much Less, by Amanda Wallman

Many students are looking forward to the next Oktoberfest.  Some may not be aware of the significant changes that Oktoberfest will undertake during the 2014 school year.

The festivities will actually decline from nine days to a smaller four days. This change will be accompanied by more robust and energetic activities. The plan is to bring more attention to the North Side fairgrounds by making the festival shorter and still keeping the same amount of activities. Kam-Lin Roswell, president of the Oktoberfest Board of Directors, states, "The Oktoberfest board has shared their thoughts with the fest family groups, and there is strong consensus that this is the right move at the right time.

Although the event will be shorter, there are still plenty of activities and traditions that will still draw in fest-goers. The Maple Leaf parade will still take place on Saturday as usual, but the organized festivities will end on Sunday.

If people wish to reserve a spot for the Maple Leaf parade next year, they will have to purchase a permit. Each of 55 spots will cost $35, though there will still be some available seating left over for those who do not save their spot via permit. There will be no camping out.

There is still debate on whether the price for Oktoberfest buttons will be changed in 2014 due to the shorter amount of days.

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