Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Ramp May Help Winter Parking Problems, by Melissa Koch

The new parking ramp on the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus hopes to resolve some past issues with parking spots for commuting students and staff: availability and bad weather.

Commuter student Shelby Jacobson says had no problems finding an open spot during the first two weeks of Fall.  If she ever does have a problem, the university has a solution to offer.  According to Jacobson, if the ramp ever fills completely, students with ramp parking passes can stop into the parking office, within the ramp, and will be given a permit for the other commuter lots for the day.

The ramp’s success plans to continue for the increase of commuters the snow and cold of winter brings. Jacobson suggests that people who need to park on campus choose ramp parking.  “I would encourage more people to look into the parking ramp permit because of many reasons.  First of all it is not a long walk from campus halls.  Second, when winter comes you don’t have to worry about taking time to clean snow and ice off your car.  Third, it’s the same price as a commuter lot space!”

The new structure, finished this summer, provides a sheltered area to leave vehicles.  The ramp has three levels and adds 600 more available parking spaces than last year.  Sheltered levels will not lose spots to plowed piles of snow or inability to see dividing lines for spaces under snow.

A pass for the new parking ramp is the same price as a pass for the university’s other commuter lots.  The first two levels offer parking for visitors, commuter students, faculty, and staff.  The third level is the only level offered to students living on campus.  

Parking passes that could be purchased online were sold to commuter students in the middle of July.  The rest of the permits were sold at the parking office on a first come first serve basis following the first week of class. 

The office is located at 605 17th St. N.  Students with questions about university parking can visit the Parking & Transportation Services link on the university webpage.